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Gateshead Council Colleague
Share your work journey experience with us!

We are keen to generate more profiles of members of who staff travel to work sustainably to both inform colleagues and motivate them to do likewise.


If you want to share your smarter travelling experience, just tag your answers on to the end of each question below (but also feel free to leave any questions out!).


How do you travel to/from work?


What was the main reason to choose this mode of travel?


How long have you been doing this?


Where do you travel from and to, and what is the approx distance?


Do you use this mode of travel all the time/most of the time/half the time/occasionally?


What are the benefits of this form of travel? Mention as many as you like! (eg are there cost/health/fitness/stress-reduction/time-saving benefits?)


Any downsides?


Have you had any funny incidents on the journey to/from work?


Do you ever walk/cycle/use public transport on work-related journeys (eg to other Council sites)?


Anything else you’d like to add?


Are you happy that your staff profile photo is used on Travel Smarter Gateshead? (Or please send another.)


Send your answers to Terry Fay