Andrew Marshall's Journey

Andrew Marshall

Andrew Marshall

Service Director, Economic & Housing Growth
My walk to work energises me for the day ahead.

What motivated you to start walking to work?  The health benefits of a more active means of getting to and from work appealed and to reduce the use of my car. The distance to work meant I could walk rather than cycle.

How long have you been doing this?  2 years

Where do you walk from, and what is the approx distance?  Low Fell to the Civic – approx. 1.5 miles, and I do this on most days.

What are the benefits of walking to work?  Physical fitness, stress reduction, improved energy levels, environmental benefits, reduced congestion, reduced cost.

Any downsides? Bad weather!  And you can’t pop home quite so quickly if you need to.

Do you ever walk on work-related journeys (eg to other Council sites)?  Yes.