Craig Johnson's Journey


Craig Johnson

Highway & Flood Risk Management
Walk? I run to work!

What motivated you to choose running to work?  A couple of reasons: the first was based on my wife being on maternity leave. We have one car so I decided it was best to leave the car for my wife who was on maternity leave as this made it much easier for her to get about with our new born child. The other reason was about fitness and weight loss.

How long have you been doing this?  For a few months over the summer but I’ve been alternating running to and from work; but once the cold sets in I think I will be moving my exercise indoors!

What are the details of your journey?  I travel from my home in Pelaw to Gateshead Civic, which is almost 4 miles.

What are the benefits of this form of running to/from work?

  • The main benefit for me was weight loss- but the other benefits are:
  • no traffic jams
  • cost saving
  • stress release.

Any downsides?  A few aches and pains!

Have you had any funny incidents while walking to or from work?  I haven’t had any incidents whilst running but I am very forgetful regarding items of clothing to change into for work. I have forgotten my socks on many occasions and office shoes with no socks isn’t the best look!

What would you say to anyone thinking of running some or all of the way?  I would definitely recommend it. It takes a couple of weeks to find the best ways to organise things but once that’s out the way it’s really enjoyable.