Gareth Powell's Journey


Gareth Powell

Planning Officer, Development & Enterprise
Even the Town Moor cattle don’t stop me cycling to work.

What motivated you to start cycling to work?  I’ve always cycled in everyday life and after a few months of starting at the Council I realised the quickest way to travel to work sustainably was to go by bike. In addition to this I also get about an hour of exercise a day which I would normally find difficult to achieve.

What are the ‘stats’?  I’ve been cycling to work for 10 years, most of the time, all year round. I cycle from Kenton in Newcastle –  a 4.5 mile single trip, or 9 mile round trip.

Are there any benefits?  Plenty! Fitness. Freedom. Sense of connection with the wider environment. Efficient. Sustainable. And for me, quicker than public transport – so it’s time saving. However, I regularly have to encourage cows to move out of the way whilst cycling across the Town Moor in Newcastle!

Advice for anyone thinking of cycling?  Give it a try. Even if it’s just leisure cycling. It’s a great way to travel shorter distances. Good way to get out with the kids also.