Jean Sauvary's Journey

Jean Sauvary

Jean Sauvary

Townscape Heritage Initiative Project Manager
Our bus ‘social club’ has been on TV and radio – and has its own Christmas party!

Why did you start travelling to work by bus?  In 2006, I thought I’d give it a go; I didn’t have a parking space at work, and the bus stop is nearer the office than where I can park the car. I travel from Stockton-on-Tees, 36 miles each way, and journey times were getting longer and the buses in the bus lane were whizzing past the cars every day.  Now I use the bus all the time.

Do you ever use the bus on work-related journeys?  Yes, returning from site especially if it’s raining – from my project on Coatsworth Rd.

What are the benefits of travelling by bus?

  • Since they opened more bus lanes, the journey got quicker
  • It got cheaper – the petrol cost went up and parking charges were introduced
  • I can read my newspaper on the bus
  • I don’t get hassled by driving or stressed by other drivers
  • We gave feedback and the bus company doubled the number of services from Middlesbrough to Newcastle.

Any downsides?  The customer service provided by 95% of the Go North East drivers on the X10 is great and we expect the same from the other services. So, you can get a bit of a shock if you get onto another bus and the customer service is not as good.

Any noteworthy incidents or experiences?  Many:

  • The X10 passengers’ and drivers’ annual Christmas party
  • We were filmed for BBC Look North – billed as ‘the X10 factor’!
  • Radio5  Drivetime interviewed us that year too
  • When the bird smashed the front top window and everyone snuggled up on the bottom deck!
  • Carols on the bus at Christmas
  • Our social club – we go for country walks and we have a Christmas party
  • Excellent rapport with our drivers
  • We pushed the bus out when it got stuck in the snow in the layby at Peterlee!

 Where do you go to for advice or info on bus services?  The bus company web site.

What would you say to anyone thinking of using public transport?  Give it a try. It’s a relatively cheap, relaxing way to travel to work.

Anything else you’d like to add?  It will be even better when will real time information arrives; this will display exactly when an individual bus is due, and this will allow passengers to make better use of their time – go and sit in a warm café or go shopping – if bus is going to be half an hour late.