Jimmy Young's Journey

Jimmy Y

Jimmy Young

Team Leader, Transport Strategy
I’ve been walking to work for 25 years!

What was the main reason to choose walking to work?  The walking time for me is only ten minutes.

How long have you been doing this?  Twenty five years.

Where do you travel from and how far is it?  Cemetery Road, Gateshead to Gateshead Civic Centre: approximately half a mile.

How often do you walk?  All the time.

Where do you walk to on work-related journeys?

  • Construction Services, Shearlegs Road
  • Dryden Road training centre
  • Newcastle Civic Centre
  • Environment Agency, Skinnerburn Road, Newcastle
  • Civil engineering consultants in Newcastle city centre

What are the benefits of walking?

  • Saves car and/or public transport costs
  • Time to think
  • Healthy activity
  • No traffic stress
  • Less CO2
  • Stress release

Any downsides?

  • Adverse weather.
  • Longer journey times on business trips, although for commuting it’s quicker.

Any tips for anyone thinking of walking some or all of the way?  Leave early to arrive on time.