John Hudson's Journey


John Hudson

Library Systems Officer, Culture, Communities and Volunteering
I've been walking to work since 1976!

How do you travel to and from work?

I walk.


What was the main reason for choosing to walk?

The exercise


How long have you been doing this?

Through most of my working life – I started with the Council in 1976!


Where do you travel from and to, and what is the approx distance?

 From near Gateshead Stadium to the Central Library – a mile or so.


Do you walk all the time?

All the time, unless there is snow or ice on the ground.


What are the benefits of this form of travel?  

Walking is my main form of exercise. It reduces stress and is faster than public transport in this case, as there are no direct buses and the Metro would only take me halfway to the Central Library.


Any downsides? 

When there is snow or ice on the ground it becomes dangerous, as I’m accident prone and have fallen and broken a wrist and, later, an elbow – but these were around 30 years apart.


Do you ever walk/cycle/use public transport on work-related journeys (eg to other Council sites)? 

I walk to other libraries if the distance is half an hour or less when walking briskly.