Nathan Luke's Journey

Nathan Luke

Nathan Luke

Business Development Assistant, Learning Skills
Free bus Wi-Fi provided ‘app-ortunity’ for charades!

What was the main reason to choose the bus for your journey to work?  I travel most places by bus as I think it’s the easiest mode of transport, especially with me being an apprentice and not being able to drive. The bus practically takes me from door to door, which is great in the winter.

How long have you been doing this?  I have been travelling to work on the bus for the duration of my time at Gateshead Council, so just under a year.

Where do you travel from and to, and what is the approx distance?  I travel from my home, in Houghton-le-Spring, to work at the Dryden Centre, in Low Fell. The approx. distance is 9 miles.

Do you ever use the bus on work-related journeys?  Yes, I have done in the past, from Dryden to Civic Centre, and from Dryden to Gateshead Stadium.

What are the benefits of the bus for you?  I think its main benefits are avoiding the stress of travelling in the car in rush hour traffic, and the environmental factors.

Any downsides?  The main downside would definitely be the cost of travelling by the bus. I paid near to £600 for my young person’s pass for the year which all came out my own pocket. But it’s cheaper than running a car!

Have you had any funny incidents while using the bus to or from work?  One time on the way home from work, I got on with a friend who also works in Gateshead and we started playing an app on his phone called ‘charades’ where basically one person holds the phone out of view and the others have to act out the word on the screen… long story short, we managed to have about 6 random people playing the game on the top deck of the bus, which was a right laugh.

Where would you look for advice on bus services?  I would either pop into the travel centre in Chester-Le-Street, or look on the Go North East website (

What would you say to anyone thinking of using the bus?  Make sure you plan your journey so you know what buses to get, and leave enough time for your journey.