Peter Snell's Journey


Peter Snell

Senior Economic Development Officer
Driving was a nightmare, Metro is a dream!

Why did you start travelling to work by Metro?  Journey to work by car was a nightmare (I live in Newcastle). Tried the Metro and have used it ever since.

How long have you been doing this?  About 25 years.

Where do you travel from and how far is it?  Regent Centre to Gateshead (4 miles), every day I’m at work, and sometimes use the Metro for journeys within the working day.

What are the benefits of travelling by Metro?

  • Convenient (five mins from home to station),
  • regular
  • direct  service (no need to change)
  • comfortable (can usually get a seat)
  • relaxing (I read or listen to music)
  • good value (annual pass)
  • much quicker than trying to drive through town
  • meeting all sorts of weird and wonderful people!
  • …and of course it reduces my carbon footprint (should have put that first I suppose).

Any downsides? Not really. It breaks down occasionally but so do buses and cars!

Have you had any funny incidents while using the Metro to or from work? Nothing that’s suitable to share!

What would you say to anyone thinking of using the Metro?  Save petrol and use the Metro.