Stephen O’Brien's Journey

Stephen O'Brien

Stephen O’Brien

Recreation Assistant, Leisure Services
I work in a gym, but cycling to work helps keep me fit.

What motivated you to start cycling to work?  When you realise how much it wakes you up and prepares you for the day, there is no reason not to. You also realise that the petrol gauge stays fuller for longer in the car, saving you in the pocket as well.

How long have you been cycling to work, and how often do you do it?  I have been doing this for 9-10 years, ever since I joined Gateshead Council. I would say I cycle 75% of the time. You only need to do a little bit research to see how over the last 10 years or so, cyclists have been catered for, i.e. cycle lanes, paths have been maintained and looked after.

Where do you travel from and to, and what is the approx distance?  I travel from Leam Lane Estate to Durham Road, Birtley. I alter my routes a lot, the distance varying from 5 to 10 miles.

What are the benefits?  Saves money, helps to improve health and wakes you up on a morning.

Any downsides?  You have to be 110% alert at all times!

Any fun bits?  I speak to the same total strangers almost every morning on route, whilst they walk dogs etc…

What would you say to anyone thinking of cycling?  Get on a bike! You will love the feel good factor it brings. (And wear a helmet.)