Your cycling journey

Regular cycling is the perfect activity to incorporate into your daily routine. It’s often an easier, cheaper and quicker way of getting to and from work, it can free you from a stressful time spent in rush hour traffic and it benefits the environment.
Bike handlebars

If you’ve been thinking about starting to cycle, you’ll find information here to help you commute with confidence!

Top tips for getting started:

  • Get advice on safety equipment. Speak to a regular cyclist or a reputable retailer to find out what you need to help you stay safe and visible to other road users
  • Read or refresh your knowledge of the Highway Code
  • If you are new to cycling – or returning after some time – get used to your new bike in an off-road location and build up the length of your journeys gradually until you increase in confidence
  • Trial your work journey on a Saturday or Sunday to assess your route and check timings. If you feel you would benefit from training, or simply some initial support with cycling your route at busier traffic times, please email us at TravelSmarterGateshead@Gateshead.Gov.UK so we can advise what is available to help you
  • Find a bike buddy. Ask around at work to find out if anyone already rides the route you’re taking. Ask them for tips, or even if they’ll ride with you at first. Enthusiastic cyclists always love a convert! You can also check out our Profiles page to see if there are any cyclists you don’t know about!
  • Consider whether you’ll need to shower/change when you get to work and if so, familiarise yourself with what facilities are available. But bear in mind many people find their route and cycling pace makes showering on reaching work unnecessary and a quick change is all that is required. Leaving wet wipes and deodorant (as well as a change of clothes) at work can be a useful back up
  • Most regular work cyclists didn’t commit to cycling to and from work 5 days a week immediately. Why not start with one or two days and give yourself time to assess the advantages?
  • Invest in a good bicycle lock and park your bike securely. Check out available parking and locker facilities.

Electric and regular pool bikes

Would you like to be able to use a pool bike to attend meetings or for site visits etc? The Council now has 4 pool bikes available – 2 of which are electric – for use by staff for appropriate distance journeys.

Registration and booking is via the Co-wheels website.  Full Terms & Conditions can also be found there.

Demonstration of use of the e-bikes for new e-bike members is required before your first booking: this takes approx 20 mins and can be easily arranged. Please contact Sean Ventress (ext 2877), or Ben Tunney (ext 3118), to arrange the demonstration. Sean and Ben will also be happy to help you with familiarisation or queries at any stage.

Alternatively, e-bike training can be arranged with Liz from Co-wheels – please request this via

Find a copy of the instructions for use of the electric bikes below:

E bike instructions

A quick checklist can also be found here:

E-bike QUICK instructions


Cycle refresher training

If you are a new or returning cyclist and would appreciate some training or advice, please email us at TravelSmarterGateshead@Gateshead.Gov.UK to let us know.

Facilities for cyclists

Bike lockers

There are 28 bike lockers near the entrance to the Civic Centre car park. In addition, there are ‘Sheffield’ stands under the eaves of the Gatehouse providing 26 cycle parking spaces, with further stands providing an additional 22 spaces around the Civic building.

Please see bike lockers conditions of use

Shower facilities

Shower and changing facilities are located in the Gatehouse. There is also a shower unit in the basement toilet area. There are some clothing lockers which can be allocated to individual cyclists located in the basement, however their availability is limited. Please check current availability with Chris Churnside on ext 3407.

If you need details on Civic Centre facilities (secure cycle storage, showers, lockers) for cyclists or want to provide any feedback on use, please email us at TravelSmarterGateshead@Gateshead.Gov.UK

Cycle routes and maps

For information on cycle routes and lots of useful information on cycling in Gateshead and cycling in general, please visit Cycle Routes

Go Smarter To Work

A range of fully funded initiatives are available to all Gateshead Council employees via the Go Smarter to Work Programme . For more information click here

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