20mph in Gateshead

Gateshead Council is committed to an ongoing programme of introducing 20mph zones and limits.

Over the last few years we have pursued a policy of introducing 20mph zones outside of schools, in district centres and in residential areas already benefitting from previous introduction of traffic calming measures and interventions.

Over 50 schemes have been implemented including for example within Gateshead town centre and over a large area of Birtley.  The programme of works, which has been established in accordance with a council approved protocol, concludes this financial year.  A number of possible future schemes have been previously identified and later this year, following review, the Council’s Cabinet will be invited to consider and approve a new programme of works to be undertaken over the next five years.

Making things safer

Achieving a reduction to the speed of traffic in these areas can make a significant contribution to the confidence and comfort of pedestrians and cyclists.  In addition to an increase in perceptions of safety, it has been calculated that collisions in these areas have reduced by an average of 13% following the introduction of the zone (which is approximately two thirds greater than the decrease seen in Gateshead in general).

20mph zones form part of a wider programme by Gateshead Council to address the Council’s strategic transport objectives and in particular to respond to traffic concerns and to benefit and promote pedestrian and cycling amenity.

Please email us at TravelSmarterGateshead@Gateshead.Gov.UK to request more information on 20mph zones or any other traffic-related query within Gateshead.

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