Advantages of Electric Bikes

The Council has two electric bikes (for use by Civic Centre staff for appropriate distance business journeys).
There are many advantages to use of electric bikes:
  • Faster Travel

An electric bike can maintain a higher average speed than an ordinary bike and also utilise the full network of cycle lanes and off road routes. This can result in a faster journey time than any other mode.

  • Safety

Electric bikes can provide smoother acceleration which will help you negotiate traffic hazards and manage your road position more effectively on hills, at junctions and at roundabouts.

  • Hills

Hills are a regular feature in Gateshead and surrounding areas, which can increase journey times and deter people from choosing to cycle a particular route.  The power provided by electric bikes delivers the boost to tackle gradients confidently and smoothly.

  • Cost

Cost of purchase is similar to many good quality conventional bikes, as is the cost wear and tear. There is an additional expense in terms of battery depreciation, however when comparing running costs against use of a moped, car or public transport, electric bikes remain brilliant value. Additionally, there is evidence that electric bikes hold their value quite well in terms of re-sale.

  • No road tax etc

The law considers electric bikes to be bicycles and as such they do not they require road tax, MoT or a licence.

  • Health and Fitness

Confidence derived from use of an electric bike can lead to more cycling among those who felt deterred from it previously.  Although the motor provides part of the power, the cyclist must still expend energy on a journey. There is an argument that in hilly areas such as Gateshead, an electric bike may well receive more frequent use than a conventional bike, thereby producing more opportunities to benefit from the activity.

  • Sustainability

Electric bikes typically use 8-16 watt-hours per mile so are an extremely sustainable form of transport.


If you’re now sold on electric bikes and raring to have a go….


Find instructions for use of e bikes here