Go Smarter to Work

The Go Smarter to Work Programme is funded by the Government’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund until March 2016.
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The Programme has been developed for employers and employees in four key employment areas:

  • Metrocentre
  • Newcastle and Gateshead City Centres
  • Team Valley
  • Washington

Explore your travel options

It has been developed to help employers and employees explore sustainable and active travel options for work journeys. Gateshead Council is involved in the programme as a major employer in the target area.

In brief, the initiatives include:

Cycle Smart

A range of activities and support to help you get the most out of your bike, including:

  • Dr Bike who offers safety checks, minor repairs and alterations
  • Courses on basic bike maintenance
  • Differentiated on-road cycling courses to help build confidence and improve safety

Drive Smart

Driving can be the only practical option for some people, but how you drive can make a huge difference to saving you money and improving safety on local roads. Drive Smart is about helping drivers drive more efficiently when other forms of transport are not an option. The smarter driving course involves one to one training which encourages planning ahead to reduce fuel consumption and journey times.

Ticket Smart

Ticket Smart encourages and facilitates use of public transport and helps to provide information on routes, timetables and ticket options. Some employees qualify for free public transport ‘taster’ tickets to help them get practical experience of using public transport for their work journeys.

Travel Smart

Travel Smart provides information to help explore all work journey options, through a Personalised Journey Plan and Travel Pack full of relevant information and incentives.

Walk Smart

Walk Smart provides and promotes a range of engaging activities designed to get you walking more, including Nordic walking sessions.


To find out what is available to Gateshead Council employees via Go Smarter to Work, please contact Peter Henson at peterhenson@gateshead.gov.uk

More information on the programme can also be found at www.gosmarter.co.uk/work