Why a travel plan?

An effective travel plan can deliver benefits to individual staff (through increased use of healthier and sustainable travel choices), the Council and the local environment.
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Travel plans help to…

  • reduce the need for journeys,
  • reduce the number of car trips we make, and,
  • encourage and facilitate walking, cycling, car sharing and use of public transport.

It is not an anti-car crusade – it’s about providing up to date information and trying to make alternative modes of travel more attractive and easier to choose.

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Travel plans should evolve and take account of changing circumstances and needs. Relocation and rationalisation of staff, changes brought about by the prevailing economic climate and alterations to the public transport network can all impact on the success of measures and initiatives in a plan.

In order to help accommodate any changes or new developments, it was decided that this plan would be available via a website. Instead of having to access several different documents, or visit different parts of the Council Intranet or website, you can now stay up to date by visiting this site to get all the latest information, offers and promotions related to staff travel – all in one place.

The weekly Council Info email will be used to alert colleagues to any work travel-related information available on the site and any progress that has been made towards aims and objectives. Team Briefs will be also be used in order to reach staff who are not desk-based and do not have access to a PC. In this way it is hoped that the plan can remain current and relevant to staff.

What are the potential benefits to an organisation of an effective travel plan?

  • A reduction in the problems caused by congestion and staff and visitor parking on and around employment sites
  • Improvements to reputation and relationships with the local community
  • Improved recruitment and retention of staff through promoting and supporting better journey choices and new ways of working

What are the benefits for staff?

  • Help and information to incorporate active journeys into a weekly routine
  • Information on how to access cycles and cycling equipment through the Cycle to Work Scheme
  • Help with improving or updating cycling skills
  • Up to date walking and cycling information, including facilities, routes and incentives
  • Information on bus and metro use, including availability, cost and discounted annual travel passes
  • Access to a free Metro business pass to be used for work journeys during the day (between 9.30 and 5pm)
  • Access to a Key Card to facilitate Go North East bus travel for work-related journeys during the day (8.45 – 5.15pm). The cards are valid for travel throughout Gateshead (except the Chopwell area) as well as to Newcastle City Centre
  • Information on methods to assist and facilitate more ‘agile’ working
  • Opportunity to utilise pool cars where car travel is necessary during the working day (Co Wheels)

What are the potential benefits to the local community?

  • Greater use of sustainable travel can produce a reduction in local congestion and disruption at peak times
  • Travel plans can facilitate improvements to local walking and cycle routes

Can travel plans make any difference?

A 10% reduction in people driving to and from the Civic Centre could make a significant difference to on-street parking and peak time congestion. 10% of people would not need to give up driving to and from work – car-sharing and occasional walking or cycling (1 – 3 days per week) could bring about a noticeable and welcome improvement.

Council Travel Plan and Vision 2030:

Gateshead Council Travel Plan will help further the medium term objectives for Green Gateshead in the Council Plan (2012 -2017) and the aims and objectives in Vision 2030, including:

  • More affordable and sustainable transport
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Promotion of active and healthy lifestyles